Matt Santos

Matt Santos

Marathon Session at CV Council

Council voted to accept easements, after hearing pros and cons from citizens. 

Gosar Meets With Vets, Offers Resources

Representative Paul Gosar discusses resources in his office for Vets.

Community Enthusiastically Discusses New Skatepark Concepts

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- Designer Jaxon Statzell of California Skateparks (Upland, CA) came to town Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to present two design options for a proposed Chino Valley Skatepark.

Council to Consider Possible Bond in Chino Valley

How to pay for water infrastructure?
Chino Valley joins Prescott Valley, Prescott and the Board of Supervisors in their support of this measure. 

HAZMat Enforcement Called During Late Narcotics Investigation

¬†Breaking... HAZMat techs called in during a PANT investigation. 

High Desert Artists Reach Out To Community

High Desert Artists share beauty and knowledge in Chino Valley. 

CV Settles Longstanding Lawsuit

Settlement achieved in Cortez vs. Town of Chino Valley

Chino Valley Is Expanding Their Library

  CHINO VALLEY, AZ-For Scott Bruner, the dream started nearly 15 years ago on his first day as Director for the Chino Valley Library.
Human resources, paperwork, leadership and more were covered at the Captains and Officers Academy
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