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Didn't get to see last night's rally with Jeff Flake? Watch below!
They are saying that this storm will be worse than expected, and will last for days.  Here is live coverage from The Weather Channel.

Unlock the 007 In You

Yep, it's an ad. (Not a paid ad) But, this is a lot of fun. Watch and enjoy!
Congressman Jeff Flake is an Arizona candidate for the US Senate.

See You at the Pole

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 is the National See You at the Pole Day.
And then, from 6:30 - 11 is the See You After the Pole event at the YMCA. " FREE! After the Pole Rally- Pool Party PIZZA, LIVE BAND, POWERFUL SPEAKER. Be a part of the change that Prescott needs! We can't sit by any longer and watch our peers suffer in brokenness and hopelessness. It is time to see Prescott AWAKEN. Invite your friends. Start a movement.
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