Does CAFMA Represent Taxation Without Representation?

12 November 2017
  CYFD Board Director Tom Steele
The people elect 5 members to both the CYFD and the CVFD Board to represent them. However, the vast majority of the decisions are now made by the CAFMA Board, which consists of only 3 members from CYFD and 2 from CVFD. 

I believe the formation of an umbrella organization has denied the full participation of the five (5) member Central Yavapai Fire District (CYFD) of full voting privileges.

Additionally, the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority (CAFMA) has been created with the research by Mr. Cornelius as being a legal entity while it (CAFMA) has no funding except from two  approved taxing authority’s of  Yavapai County. One, Chino Valley Fire District (CVFD)  has a tax rate which is at the maximum allowed by Arizona law of 3.25 times the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the real property in it’s geographical area. 

The second entity in CAFMA is the Central Yavapai Fire District (CYFD) with a tax rate of 2.52 times the NAV of the real property of it’s geographical area.  

These disparities  have produced an undue burden on the citizen taxpayers of the CYFD. In June 2017, The CYFD board in a 3-2 vote, approved a 4 1/2% pay increase to all CAFMA employees in spite of the fact that CYFD will pay a disproportionate share of the pay increase. The pay increase has to come from the CYFD due to the fact the CVFD is “maxed out” in it’s ability to increase it’s fair donation to CAFMA. By the way, all five (5) board members of the CYFD would have voted for a budget with a 2 1/2 % increase.

The effect of the votes from the two funding districts would be an assured 8-2 effective vote with CVFD voting 5-0 for the 4 1/2 % increase and the 3-2 vote of the CYFD. And with all employees being in CAFMA as is all buildings, and all vehicles and other capital assets, all property taxpayers in the CYFD are being taxed without full representation.

I submit this information for the express purpose of information that local media has failed to report. The taxpayers of our area deserve to be informed of the facts and I believe there is also the possibility that this umbrella organization may be illegal under state law.  More on this under review.

Tom Steele  CYFD Board Member and Retired Businessman