Opinion: What Were the Yavapai Republicans Thinking?

23 June 2018
  Patricia Gillenwater 
 What in the world were the leaders of Yavapai Republicans thinking? 

We are at a crossroads where the words that Dr Martin Luther King eloquently spoke decades ago, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" are as valid today as when first spoken by Dr King. I applied his words to all of Americas children. Children develop their own “character” throughout their growing years. Adults are the ones I judge as a person of good or bad “character” and their skin color and race is not in the equation. The concept of “possessing good character” is sorely lacking in our political discourse. Why? The political class (both parties) stirs the pot of division merely for political wins and the stirring is with distortions of truth. Those who play their political war games lack character and seemingly void of a moral compass. We the people are the casualties of their political wars. 

If a politician in a public format invokes the words “white kids” both players within each side of a political party jumps for the throat of the politician who used the words. It is incumbent on each of us to do a lot of critical thinking by looking under the covers where motivations drive this attack. I suggest that by engaging in honest critical research and thinking of the motivations that drives the attack one likely will conclude that motivations are not ones that support an aspiration of race harmony it’s the opposite instead a political chance to do damage for their own twisted aspirations. 

The recent words spoken by Representative David Stringer, AZ House of Representatives, LD-1 at the Prescott Men’s Forum would be interpreted in different ways by many of us. Our opinions would vary in degree what is important is to evaluate is our own unique take and then to give attention to the evaluation of the motivations of party leaders, both sides, to crucify David. The last evaluation I contend would result in the most important clarity of the exercises. 

We who reside in and around Prescott are a nest of different party affiliates. Many of us active trying to get our candidate(s) of choice elected. The motivations of our party leaders or leaders within organizations to which we belong must be a factor taken into consideration for evaluating the condemnation of David Stringer. Stringer still has my vote. I do not believe David Stringer to be a racist. Stringer instead is guilty of one fact “he is a committed conservative” and that is a “sin” within the beliefs of both political parties and thus unacceptable to the status quo. 

The one fact in my personal evaluation is why did my party, the GOP, specifically YAVGOP come to a decision to ask that David Stringer apologize and then resign? Was the fact that Stringer identifies as a conservative unacceptable to YAVGOP? My belief is “yes”. My goodness this action I am left with the inability to discern this action from behaviors the opposing party engages in. Unacceptable to me. 

YAVGOP was using this opportunity as a tool to elect the person that they feel will bow to the party line. Think of it as a jump on David’s throat with a heavy jack boot to purge a conservative threat for that is exactly what they are trying to do. Now ask oneself how this is different from 

the progressives who are trying to exert its will across America. How did YAVGOPs choice promote party unity? We are constantly reminded that “republicans do not bash other republicans” the YAVGOP Board of Directors did just that and their motivations are questionable. 

I urge all who have voted for David Stringer in the past to not abandon this good man. David Stringer is still the same man who has been visible at all republican events, listened to our concerns and tried to the best of his abilities to put up the good fight for all in LD/ CD-1. 

If we are to maintain a republican majority in our county we can not allow the county GOP, YAVGOP, to sow bad seeds of disunity by opening their trap of bias. A piece of duct tape over their bias trap would have been appropriate. 

We all (left, center or right affiliated) can make our own evaluation of what Stringer was trying to convey. Just honestly include in the equation personal party and politician’s and party leader’s history of political vendettas and other motivations. 

I went through this exercise and David Stringer has my vote. 

Patricia Gillenwater 
Dewey, AZ 
PC, LD-1