Opinion: Restoring Trust in the Arizona Corporation Commission

02 October 2018
  Rodney Glassman
The Commission has strayed far from its mission. It is time for new blood."

As an Eagle Scout, husband, father, and attorney, holding my PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences (water) and serving as a Major in the United States Air Force JAG Corps Reserve, I am deeply concerned about the future of Arizona. That’s why I am running for the Corporation Commission.

The Commission was created as our 4th branch of government to regulate the monopolies that provide our most important public services. Sadly, the Commission has strayed far from its mission. It is time for new blood.

I will apply the Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do to the work of the Commission and restore integrity, save ratepayers money, improve customer service, and provide certainty and stability for businesses and investors.

The Democrats are offering the same thing they always offer: Career politicians with little real-world business experience -- aside from bankrupting a successful restaurant franchise and getting sued by the IRS for $200,000 in unpaid taxes. One candidate, Sandra Kennedy, has been running for the Commission since 2002 and actually got elected once, but was quickly voted back out due to her terrible record.

They want to be elected so they can push an environmental agenda that is extreme. They want to make water and power more expensive so you’ll use less of it. And they don’t care about damaging our economy or costing us tens of thousands of jobs. They are willing to close the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, even though it produces 30% of Arizona’s electricity and the vast majority of Arizona’s clean energy output. And they want to increase water costs to farmers, which will make trips to the grocery store more expensive for Arizona’s families. Their proposals will double utility rates, hurt senior citizens, quash economic development, and decimate agriculture in Arizona.

We deserve better. Arizona is already #3 in the country for solar generation and I want to see even more increased solar and clean energy use. I am also very concerned about the lack of long-term planning for Arizona’s water needs. In both cases, I have the education and real-world experience to make a positive difference. I have been endorsed by Republicans AND Democrats because I have a track record of getting things done well and I have the background, education, and passion needed to fix the Commission.

I have introduced the only comprehensive plan to restore integrity by adopting the same code of conduct as the Arizona Supreme Court because I believe that our statewide regulators should hold themselves to the exact same standard as every other judge in the state of Arizona. I have led by example and refused contributions from utilities or lobbyists who represent them. And I will remember that my job is to keep your water and power clean, plentiful, and affordable. I ask you to please vote Rodney Glassman for Corporation Commission and invite you to read my plan to restore integrity at the Corporation Commission at www.rodneyglassman.com.