Opinion: Divine Intervention

14 October 2018
Divine Intervention doesn't always manifest itself in major historical events.

Divine Intervention is the belief that the hand of God plays a part in human events. Through out our history, major events could be ascribed to this belief. Many of the Founders prayed for Divine Intervention before and during our war for independence. After the Revolutionary War numerous leaders believed that we couldn't have won that war, against the mightiest military force in the world at the time without such intervention. Some have thought that we had to suffered the Wrath of God in a civil war, because we failed to address the abomination of slavery.

Even today, there are many of us who firmly believe certain of our leaders arrived at a particular time because a Supreme Being saw our need. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, just to name a few. Quit a few Constitutional conservatives think that when our country was heading away from a Constitutional republic toward a bureaucratic and judicial oligarchy, God gave us a president that would appoint judges and justices who would return us to our Founding principles.

Divine Intervention doesn't always manifest itself in major historical events. More often than not, one would think that it would show up in our daily lives. Two events occurred recently that I think show how God works wonders in our daily lives.

My youngest sister, Dana started feeling tired and winded in June of this year. She assumed it was the effect of her allergies, so she didn't get an appointment with her doctor until the middle of August. After taking her blood and giving her a preliminary diagnosis of anemia. She returned home. When her blood work came back, the diagnosis came back that my sister was suffering from aplastic anemia. This is a disease where one's bone marrow stops producing red and white blood cells and platelets. White blood cells are a major force in the immune system. For two months, my very active sister could have come in contact with all sorts of viruses and germs that could have proved fatal. She contracted no such illnesses. This disease often can cause uncontrolled bleeding. Dana had no such episodes. She is being treated for her illness now and is expected to make a full recovery. Our family sees a merciful God, who protected Dana when she needed him the most.

Last Sunday, October 8, my wife, Judi and I, were driving to a restaurant to meet her brother, his wife, two sisters and some friends to celebrate his birthday. As we were driving down Williamson Valley Road, we saw a collision in the on-coming traffic. A white pickup truck went out of control, crossed the center line, hit a car in front and in the lane next to us and then careened into our Honda CR-V. When the dust from the airbags cleared we found the pickup truck that hit us was resting atop our Honda. The woman driving the pickup truck was still in the driver's seat, uninjured, although shaken up. A young hero stopped and yelled at me to put on the brake as our car was starting to slide backward. He then help the lady from the pickup truck and carried her to the curb. The young man in the car in the next lane was also uninjured.

Photographs of the truck atop of our Honda were on the first page of the enewsAZ. They were also shown on the local TV stations and as far away as Southern California. Prescott is a great place to live. All of the people who stopped to help were so kind and caring. One couple saw the results shortly after the crash. They told us that they were coming home from Church and when they saw the wreckage, they said a prayer for us. The firefighters and police arrived in record time and were friendly and compassionate. A total of five cars were involved in this high speed collision. At least six individuals were in those vehicles and no one was injured unless the driver of the black pickup that started the crash and fled the scene, was somehow hurt. All of the rest of us were wearing seat belts.

The reader can ascribe what happened to my wife, Judi and I, to blind dumb luck, to dodging a bullet, or to the well built Honda CR-V we were in, the judicious use of seat belts, or all of the above. Judi and I can't help but believe that the hand of God played the major part in protecting us. We view it as our personal witness to Divine Intervention.

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder and Editor of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She asks a lot of questions! In her spare time, she loves photography, cooking and hanging out with her family.