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Attorney Nicolas Cornelius is asking for taxpayers to pay for his personal legal fees and costs related to unknown administrative and/or Legal actions being taken against him.
So, right now, there’s a big controversy swirling around Ken Bennett, who is running against Doug Ducey for Governor in the Arizona Primary election. 

The Duty of a Free Press

Is the mainstream media doing its job?
"Why ask questions?" A. We're just doing our job.
Supervisor Rowle Simmons thanks the voters on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.
Have an expectation of gratitude!
What exactly is the state of California?

Opinion: Liberals vs. Progressives

So, what’s the difference between a Liberal and a Progressive?
Conflict of interest is a hot topic when it comes to local fire boards Chino Valley Fire District, Central Yavapai Fire District and Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority. 
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