Sometimes Pinterest can be a bit startling.

Lipstick and Legos - Lula Obsession

My name is Holli, and I am a Facebook addict.

Lipstick and Legos: My Break

What to do on vacation? Paint, of course. Doesn't everybody?
How does 2” of snow make such a big difference in one day?

Lipstick and Legos – Gratitude

Finding gratitude in simple things.

Lipstick and Legos: Grinch

Broken record: “Guys, don’t touch the tree."
Lipstick and Legos – The Holidays
Sometimes it takes clarity and a change of focus.
Lipstick and Legos – Fido? How about, “Fi-oh-heck-no.”

Lipstick and Legos – Morning Tornados

Is it possible to leave the house without leaving a disaster behind?
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