Senator Jeff Flake's Farewell Address

Senator Jeff Flake issues his farewell address:
"Truth, Falsehoods, and the Dangerous State of Our Politics"
Senators Unveil Bipartisan Amendment to Protect Dreamers, Strengthen Border Security
Thomas S. Monson was the 16th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Eliminates $85 billion expensing budget gimmick and secures commitment on DACA
Crisscrosses state working on border security, public safety, tax reform, 9th Circuit, wildfires and water

Flake Introduces Davis-Bacon Reform Bill

Bill would ensure fair wages for construction workers, opportunities for small businesses, and less waste for taxpayers
Senator Flake speaks about Fidel Castro.
Unveils WasteLine to take public’s tips on potential government waste