Attorney General Brnovich Announces Arizona Initiative Law Upheld at State Supreme Court

Arizona Prisoner Okayed for Death Penalty

Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty Sentence of Convicted Killer
Speaker Bowers and President Fann File Amicus Brief with U.S. Supreme Court
Trump Had Promised During the Campaign to Appoint a Replacement Who Would Follow in the Footsteps of Scalia
Clinton could easily mould the Supreme Court to her preferences
Arizona legislators respond to the latest Supreme Court decision blocking President Obama’s executive amnesty actions. 
The Supreme Court Affirmed Arizona’s Legislative District Boundaries, Turning Aside Challengers Who Claimed the Varying Populations in the Districts Violated the One-Person, One-Vote Principle
The Supreme Court Heard a Challenge by 26 states, Including Arizona, to the Obama Administration’s Deferred Deportation Policies
President Barack Obama Named a Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, on Wednesday Morning. Some Representatives in the Senate and House Say that this is Not the Proper Time
  Justices Consider Challenging a Texas Law that Imposes Strict Medical Regulations on Abortion Clinics
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