Cindy LaMaster

Cindy LaMaster

Great sales, and a couple of recipes, too!
It's the day after Thanksgiving. Take stock of your refrigerator contents.
Spices add a world of flavor to any dish.

Brandied Winter Fruit Compote

If your family would just as soon pass on the cranberry sauce, why not serve a compote of winter fruits?
Thanksgiving is next week. I know, really? Yes. Here are some deals you can find in the local stores. 
Book Review: A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens by Lydie M. Denier

Wrestling Comes to Tim's Toyota Center

Local High Schools Sponsor Mile High Challenge

Sweet Sweet Potatoes

A fresh twist on a traditional favorite.
Pork roasts and halloween candy. What could be better?

On Sale This Week: Hot Dogs and Salmon

From hot dogs to salmon, it's a great week of food for fall break