Representing Yavapai County

18 March 2012  
Yavapai County Representation.

People often refer to the "Great State of Maricopa" when they think of state politics. But, the people that Yavapai County have sent to represent us at the State Capitol are well-respected.

On opening day at the Az Capital, Yavapai County state public servant officials got together for a photo.

Parks-ADOT Director Bill Feldmeier; Vice Chair Transportation, House of Representatives Karen Fann; Speaker of the Arizona House Andy Tobin; Secretary of State Ken Bennett; Supreme Court Justice Bob Brutinel; Director Az Liquor Board/Parks Board Member Alan Everett; seated, Senate President Steve Pierce.

"Leadership from Yavapai County is apparent and expected," Speaker Tobin said. "I've known all these people for over 15 years. Very proud of their dedicated service to our state our nation and our own back yard."

Lynne LaMaster