Senate President Steve Pierce Endorses Ron Gould for CD4

07 August 2012  
As primary races heat up, endorsements line up on both sides.

It's frequently said that "...good men can differ..." and nowhere is that seen more often than in hotly contested political races, especially primary races.

Incumbent Congressman Paul Gosar inherited a redistricting mess which lead to a tough decision and a tough primary opponent. Along the way, Gosar picked up multiple endorsements from organizations such as the National Right to Life and the National Rifle Association and well-known politicians such as Governor Brewer and Governor Sarah Palin.

But, his opponent, State Senator Ron Gould has endorsements of his own, including The Club for Growth and The Madison Project. State Senator Judy Burges and State Senator Sylvia Allen. have also endorsed Gould for Congress.

And so does Senate President Steve Pierce.

"I announce with great pride the fact that my campaign for Congress has recieved the endorsement of the Arizona State Senate President, Steve Pierce. Steve has been a great colleague in the legislature and a true conservative stalwart. I thank him for his support and back him on his reelection to the state senate," states Gould in a recent press release.

Wonder why? Well, you can ask for yourself. Senate President Pierce will join Senator Gould for coffee at the Hassayampa Inn on Wednesday, August 8 at 9 AM, and the public is invited to attend.

Lynne LaMaster