Tobin: Enough is Enough

16 August 2012   Andy Tobin
Over the last few days, Lori Klein is behaving more like Barack Obama than a Republican candidate for office.

It was Barack Obama who went down to the Texas border and mocked our efforts to secure it, asking where the "mote and alligators" were. Now Klein has brought Sam Wurzelbacher to Arizona to make a joke out of the serious issue of border security - embarrassing our state and giving fuel to liberals who despise our efforts to secure our border and protect our sovereignty. I call on "Joe the Plumber" to apologize for his remarks as they do not represent Arizona or Yavapai County".

Of course, Klein can't stop there. As a reminder, it was Barack Obama who said "You didn't build it." Now Klein is attacking our job creators and small business people the same way the president has, she is calling the Chamber of Commerce, the "Chamber of Communists."

This is a slap in the face to the very people who are working tirelessly to create jobs and fix our economy even as Obama and Democrats put roadblocks up every step of the way. Klein apparently is now on Team Obamaa. This is an insult to every chamber member, charity supported by chambers of commerce and the very heart of job creators in Arizona.

As a former National President of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, I can not be more personally saddened and disgusted by Klein's ignorance about what it takes to rebuild our economy. The absurdity of her actions is not worthy of respect of office and hurts Arizona public servants everywhere.

It's one thing for Lori Klein to embarrass herself. It's quite another thing for her to embarrass our state and our conservative policies. Klein should either apologize immediately, or go join Team Obamaa. She might fit in better over there.