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Introducing Political Trails

31 August 2010  
It's a new column, designed exactly for political junkies who can't get enough.

politicaltrailsWe're delighted to introduce our new column called Political Trails.

Political Trails will be full of photos, videos, reports, interviews. It'll have interesting information that you might not have heard about. It'll provide stats and polls and talking heads. It will range from intense to amusing. And at no time, will the Political Trails' take on the political world be overly reverent.

In other words, Political Trails is for those people who get up and read (or reread) the Arizona Capitol Times for breakfast. It's for those who have the Secretary of State's website bookmarked so they can check the vote numbers hourly. It's for those who jam their bodies into a 12 x 20 room with 120 other people, just to hear Senator John McCain acknowledge he's on the campaign trail again.

Political Trails, in short, is for political junkies.

Here's a few questions you may be wondering about:

How often will it run? We dunno. Maybe two or three times a week, maybe two or three times a day. It depends on what we find, when we find it, and how busy we are with other things. When the column needs to happen, it will.

Who's going to write it? Lots of people. Lynne LaMaster, Lauren Millette, perhaps other pundits across the community. Want to try your hand at it? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will it run in or or We're so glad you asked that! The answer is, "Yes." Most likely, the columns will duplicate across the sites, but in some cases, if the column is of particular interest to a certain community, it will be only on one site.

Will it be factual? Will it have journalistic integrity? Of course! We're not going to make anything up. (Can't speak for those rascally pols, though.) But, everything we report, even if slightly irreverent, will be based on real information and facts, just like all our content. Our research will be just as thorough, our information will link to the source, we'll back it up with interviews and quotes. None of that will change.

Where's it at? You'll find Political Trails in Politics, under the Features menu item.

Ok, we've got our first Political Trails article up today: Political Trails: Horne Wins, Victory Tour You'll enjoy reading about the little grandmotherly lady who took on a presumed biker guy. There are also movies and the latest update on the Attorney General race.

Lynne LaMaster

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