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Dr. Elaine Kissel

Dr. Elaine Kissel

Dr. Elaine Kissel Ph.D. Hypnotherapist has been in practice since 1977, and since then has become recognized as one of the most successful hypnotherapy practices in the country. Not just for the numbers of clients Elaine Kissel serves, but also for the success rate she achieves for her clients.

When Elaine Kissel set out to help people with hypnosis, she had to overcome the misconceptions that had held it back for more than a century. The popular though erroneous notions about hypnosis gradually succumbed to Elaine’s steadfast determination to educate people with the facts and provide the kind of hypnotherapy best suited to each individual client.

She was the first to be allowed to advertise in the popular press because she made it clear that she was not offering entertainment or instant miracles. She eradicated the nonsensical ideas about hypnosis while she established a new and better reputation for hypnosis with the nature of her practices.

Elaine’s continuing self-education and educating the public about hypnosis paved the way for others to enter the field. She created a huge wave of credibility and acceptance for hypnosis through her commitment to excellence: and with her scientifically controlled study proving blood sugar can be controlled with hypnosis, she won for the profession new positive recognition and acceptance from the medical community.

She was awarded the Hypnologist of the Year in 1981 for her contributions to the art and science of hypnosis. Since then Elaine has continued to make significant contributions to the field. For example, her Whole Mind Hypnotherapy is an approach which employs all levels of consciousness in the hypnotherapeutic process. The creation of the Weight Control Seminar was another innovation.

Mind Matters: Addictions - How Long?

When is an addict not an addict?

Mind Matters: People & Pets

Dr. Elaine answers questions about love between people and their pets.

Mind Matters: Diet, PTSD and Depression

Dr. Elaine answers questions about diets, PTSD and national news.

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