AZ Office of Highway Safety Recognizes Yavapai County Prosecutor

06 August 2017   Penny Cramer
L to R: Director Alberto Gutier from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Mike McGill, Deputy County Attorney
Yavapai County Prosecutor Recognized By the Arizona Governor’s Office Of Highway Safety

Michael McGill, a deputy Yavapai County attorney, has been recognized by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety as the Outstanding Felony DUI (Driving While Impaired) Prosecutor for Arizona. The award was announced by Director Alberto Gutier at the annual Law Enforcement & Prosecutor's Conference on July 28, 2017.

Noting that impaired driving is the second leading cause of death from vehicular crashes in Arizona, Director Gutier stated: “Skilled and dedicated prosecutors such as Mike McGill are essential to keeping our roads safe. Across Arizona we are fortunate to have highly trained officers and prosecutors who understand how to effectively investigate and prosecute impaired drivers to get them off our streets and highways. Recognizing those individuals who excelled in the past year is one of the highlights of our annual DUI Conference.”

McGill was nominated for the award by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk who highlighted his successful prosecution of a drug-impaired driver who slammed into another vehicle stopped at a red light in January of 2013. The defendant, Chris McClain, was travelling nearly 55 mph and never braked. The driver of the other vehicle suffered serious injuries and her daughter, the front seat passenger, was killed. The 18 month old granddaughter, restrained in a child safety seat in the back seat, suffered a broken leg. Evidence collected established that McClain, a medical marijuana cardholder, had impairing amounts of both Lorazepam and marijuana in his system at the time of the collision.

At the conclusion of three weeks of trial, the jury convicted McClain of manslaughter and several counts of aggravated assault, aggravated DUI and criminal damage. The defendant had a history of DUI convictions and was sentenced to thirty-two years in prison.

Polk congratulated McGill on his well-deserved statewide recognition. “Prosecutor McGill is a wonderful credit to our profession statewide. Arizona is a better place thanks to prosecutors like Mike who commit their careers to community safety and to making our state a great place to live.”



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