Yavapai College Unveils New Allied Health Laboratories and Classrooms

26 October 2017  
The new Allied Health program features classrooms with true-to-life hospital equipment. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham
New Allied Health Classrooms and Laboratories Are True to Life In Order to Prepare Students for the Medical Environment Upon Graduation

PRESCOTT VALLEY- Yavapai College unveiled new classrooms and laboratories for the Allied Health program on Tuesday, October 25th, 2017 in Prescott Valley. During the presentation, David Evans, a student in the program, mentioned how the new facilities and lessons learned will not only help advance his education but also teach him to better care for his grandmother who is a disabled former registered nurse.

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“This facility and the lessons I’ve learned here have given me the tools to better assist her with her daily activities and her care,” Evans said during the presentation, adding he plans to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree while working as a registered nurse in Yavapai County. “The new labs here at the school really gives the student a hands-on experience with the equipment and medical environment so that when I’m in my field...I can focus on the patient or resident’s care with complete confidence and aptitude in my knowledge of the equipment and environment.”

The building, located on Yavapai College’s Prescott Valley Center at 6955 Panther Path, has fully-equipped medical assistant exam rooms, a phlebotomy blood draw lab, classrooms and multiple hospital rooms with beds. The training areas are true to life, with stocked cabinets and equipment, in order to prepare students for the medical environment upon graduation.

“I live here and I want the most trained people at my most vulnerable times,” Yavapai College President Dr. Penelope Wills said. “The nurses and allied health are having that contact and I want them to be the best trained.”

Since coming to Yavapai College in August of 2011, Wills said a primary focus for the college was centralizing the Allied Health programs.

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“We felt very strongly something should be here in Prescott Valley,” Wills said. “The strength of this college to fit the needs of the community is not ever questioned in my mind. Prescott Valley knows that partnerships work very well and it’s very wonderful to work with the city on that and the community.”

As Evans progresses through his career, the education he receives at Yavapai College will give him the confidence needed to perform his job.

“The experiences gained here will be with me forever,” Evans said. “It will be one of the most important parts of my life, my education, and my career.”

The college supports training and education for programs of phlebotomy, nursing assistants, pharmacy technicians, medical assistants and health information technology.

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