Sexual Harassment Investigation at the Legislature

08 November 2017   Matthew Specht
Speaker Mesnard Announces Investigations Into Reports of Sexual Harassment at the Legislature

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Speaker J.D. Mesnard (R-17) today announced that the House of Representatives has launched multiple investigations into reports of sexual harassment at the Legislature.

The investigations follow public comments made by a number of Representatives in the Arizona House.

“All allegations of sexual harassment will be taken seriously in the House,” said Speaker Mesnard.  “The House has a formal policy in place to investigate and remedy reports of sexual harassment, and we will be utilizing that process. A bipartisan team of investigators will be conducting thorough reviews of all allegations made and will expand their investigations if more information is gathered.”

“Those of us in government should be held to the highest standard, and any form of harassment will not be tolerated. I encourage anyone – whether it be legislators, staff, lobbyists, or others – with allegations of sexual harassment at the Legislature to work with investigators.”

Statement From Governor Ducey

PHOENIX — “I am in full support of Speaker Mesnard’s decision to thoroughly investigate any and all reports of sexual harassment in the Legislature. This process should be bipartisan and expanded if more information is brought forward. There can be absolutely no tolerance for sexual harassment in the halls of our state Capitol, or any other organization — private or public."

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