Giving Tuesday @ Yavapai Humane Society

28 November 2017   Yavapai Humane Society
Meet Fantasia. 

It's #GivingTuesday which means people all across the country are reaching out to their favorite charities and nonprofits to support their work this holiday season.

We hope you will celebrate #GivingTuesday by supporting Yavapai Humane Society knowing your gift will give second chances to animals in need like Fantasia.

Fantasia was found in distress in the Prescott Rorest this past summer. It was clear to our team she had been a stray for a long time judging by her thin frail body, missing fur from mange, and many infections from foxtails. The only thing keeping Fantasia alive was hope. Thanks to friends like you, it was our privilege to nurse Fantasia back to health.

Our veterinary team treated her with medicated baths to heal her mange, a high calorie nutrient rich diet to help her gain weight, and lots of love to restore her spirit. After almost four months of care Fantasia was strong and healthy enough for adoption. She was reunited and adopted by the Good Samaritan who find her. Thanks to your support Fantasia is now healthy, happy and home.

Start this season on the right foot by helping thousands of animals cared for by YHS have a brighter holiday season, all thanks to you.


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