The City of Prescott to Consider New Airline Bids in Emergency Meeting

07 April 2018  
New Essential Air Service bids being considered by the Prescott Airport Advisory Committee on Saturday.

A special unscheduled meeting for the Airport Advisory Committee will take place Saturday, April 7 at 1 PM at the Airport Administration Conference Room to review 3 air carrier proposals wishing to provide Replacement Essential Air Service on an interim basis.

Meeting Place:

Airport Administration Conference Room (upstairs)
6546 Crystal Lane

When: Saturday, April 7
Time: 1 PM

Great Lakes suspended their passenger flight services practically overnight on March 26, 2018, with very little warning to the public or the communities it served.

According to the US Department of Transportation (DOT), they weren’t given much warning, either. "After the close of business on March 26, 2018, the Department received an e-mail from Great Lakes stating,’All revenue flying is ending tonight."

The DOT noted, "Great Lakes suspended all of its operations, including those at Page and Prescott, notwithstanding that 49 U.S.C. § 41734 prohibits the carrier from suspending service before 90 days."

Noting that Great Lakes’ suspension of service leaves both communities without any scheduled air service, by the next day, March 27, the DOT posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) from carriers interested in providing replacement service at Page and/or Prescott, Arizona. Any interested carriers had to hurry, the deadline to submit the proposal was April 3.

Three bids were received:

1. Boutique Airlines
2. Advanced Airlines
3. Mokulele Airlines

Staff will likely recommend the Boutique Airlines service to the Council. Council, in turn, offers a recommendation to the DOT. The city’s recommendation is not binding. DOT makes the final decision as to which carrier they will subsidize.

Boutique Airlines is proposing the following:

36 flights per week - 4 per day to Los Angeles and two per day to Phoenix.

Boutique will use a Pilatus PC-12 - an eight seat luxury aircraft, featuring lavatories, WIFI and power outlets for each seat. You can see what the aircraft looks like here.

Boutique Airlines will bring their aircraft for display at the airport on Monday, April 9, around 10 AM. It will be here for about an hour.

Advanced Airlines plane will be on display from 12:30-2 PM on Monday.

If DOT approves the Boutique bid, they will provide about $4.36 M for one year as an interim agreement. The hope is to have the interim agreement in place by mid-May.

For more information, including the bids from each carrier, see the City packet on their website.



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