Viewpoint Fire Human Caused - Full Containment Expected Today

15 May 2018  
The Viewpoint Fire is considered to be human-caused and is under investigation. 

By Sunday morning, the Viewpoint Fire was considered to be at 95% containment. Full containment is expected today. A GPS overview put the fire size at 5,600 acres. Approximately 50 firefighters continued patrolling and mopping up fire line around the communities while ensuring the safety of all first responders and the public. 

Weather remains a concern due to the continual wind event that is passing through the region. The fire was determined to be human caused and is under investigation. Two primary homes, 12 other structures, 4 RV travel trailers, and 6 vehicles were destroyed in the fire. The fire started before 11am Friday morning, roughly 9 miles south of Chino Valley, and ran through dry fuels very quickly, assisted by the wind. 

There are no closures at this time and all evacuation orders have been lifted.

With a quick drive to the Poquito Valley area, it’s easy to see the Viewpoint Fire’s path. Once again, it was evident that firefighters went to heroic efforts to save people’s home and property. Most of the homes out there have done a good job on defensible space. It was not unusual to see where the fire had come up to a home, and left it standing.


Of course, not everyone was so fortunate. Would you like to help? There are three GoFundMe accounts for the Viewpoint Fire:

Help Justin get into an apartment after the Viewpoint fire burned his house completely. 

Arthur and December lost their shop. Help them rebuild.

general fund for Poquito Valley residents.


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