CV Police Looking For Partners To Help Stop The Bleed

08 August 2018   Lt. Vince Schaan
CHINO VALLEY Police look to be proactive in emergencies.

The Chino Valley Police Department would like to partner with our local business leaders and community groups in a lifesaving campaign. We began this process a few years ago at the Police Department for the safety of the community and it has been successful thus far. We work hard and continue to be prepared for any situation that arises, but our preparation can only be so helpful to a community if we don’t expand and include our community in this effort.

This program, Stop the Bleed, is a program geared at training the community to intervene in emergencies by stopping the bleeding of those have suffered an extensive injury that is resulting in blood loss. 911 is a very important and effective lifesaving tool, but it has limitations and takes time, something that bleeding people often don’t have. The quick and fast response time of first responders, even in our small community, could prove to be too long, which is why we need to partner and collaborate with our community to reduce the response time to begin treatment.

Our first goal is to provide this training to our schools, where we send our children. The training will be conducted by trained members of the Chino Valley Police Department so the school and staff are prepared for the school year. The collaboration we need from our local business community and community organizations is to help buy this equipment for our schools. The equipment is specific to stopping blood loss. If we can get care/help to our kids, should we have a serious injury or situation at the schools, we are only increasing their chances of survival.

This is not a basic first aid program and isn’t geared toward any other aspect of lifesaving intervention except as it relates to stopping blood loss. The supplies are the same we equip our patrol staff to carry daily such as tourniquets, trauma dressings, chest seals and bandages.

If you, your business or your community organization is interested in partnering with us please reach out to Lt. Vincent Schaan and we can get you further detailed information on the supplies we are trying to place at the schools and we can also work with you if you would like to equip your business or organization and staff with training and supplies to make your workplace a safer place as well. Let’s work together so our community can be better prepared and able to help first responders Stop the Bleed.

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