Central Arizona Fire Rescue Driver from Water

13 August 2018   Rick Chase, CAFMA Fire Marshal
Photos and video from CAFMA Facebook Page
Water rescue!
On August 12, 2018 at 6:05 p.m. Central Arizona Fire crews responded to a swift water rescue incident in Humboldt, AZ.   The location was Prescott Street where the Agua Fria River low water crossing is.  A car attempted to cross and got stuck while enroute.  One occupant was found sitting on the top of the vehicle and crews were able to send a water rescue vest over to the person.  

The truck company was set up at the rivers edge and by extending the bucket on the ladder out to the vehicle; the occupant was able to step into the bucket where she was brought to safety.  The occupant’s dog was also on the vehicle when crews arrived but jumped off on his own and made it safely to shore.

Two engines, one truck company, one battalion chief, and one support unit responded to this incident. 

We want to remind everyone to obey the warning signs at these crossings and DO NOT attempt to cross if flooded! Turn around, don’t drown!

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