Gosar Visits Local Vets

16 August 2018  
Representative Paul Gosar pays a visit to local veterans.

CHINO VALLEY, AZ- Rep. Paul A. Gosar (AZ-04) paid a visit to local veterans this week, serving as guest speaker to nearly 50 in attendance for the Yavapai County Veterans Association Breakfast.

Gosar covered many topics, including President Donald Trumps signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) the previous day.

“What you saw in this was some spending to help our military with some o the lack of spending in the past, and then you also saw our service men get a raise which is very important,” said Gosar. “The families were struggling so this is a timely help.”

Gosar also discussed the need for changes in healthcare assistance to veterans, specifically in the areas of provider choice, chronic pain treatment, and the rise of opioid dependency. 

Gosar stressed the need for strong leadership from both sides of the isle. “What we ought to be having is people that lead from the front by making sure we have good process, which builds good policy, which builds good politics,” said Gosar. “It shouldn’t be just Republican it should also include Democrats. It should open up a process where if you have an idea you should be able to bring it to the floor and if you get enough votes to get it out of the House then it goes to the Senate. That’s the way it ought to work because the last time I looked all the great ideas didn’t come from Republicans, they came from a little bit here and a little bit there.”

Gosar’s address was followed by a short question and answer session, centered primarily on healthcare. 

Also in attendance for the breakfast was Prescott Valley Council Member Jodi Rooney, Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 1.

Rooney took a moment to thank those in attendance for their service and gave a brief history of her public service and future goals.

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