Whipstone Farm: Abundance

18 August 2018   Shanti Rade
Harvest time means long work days, and beautiful bounty.

This time of year can really make you question why you want to be a farmer. It is so overwhelmingly joyous and painful at the same time. An abundant harvest means long (LONG!) work days and no room in your life for anything else. Despite all the setbacks and challenges, the beauty of the harvest feeds your soul like nothing else - but you have to be 'all in' or you would have given up a long time ago. I am so appreciative to our wonderful crew at the farm who are putting in lots of extra hours this time of year. They have a fierce dedication to the success of this farm. They understand that you have to 'make hay while the sun shines'. This is the time when all of our hard work can pay off, if we can just make it to the finish line.

Remember that crazy harvest of tomatoes I kept promising? Well, it has finally arrived. While last week we were parsing out our tomatoes (a little for this market, some for our wholesale customers, a few for the csa) this week we have tomato stacks every which way you turn. If you have been a little disappointed in the tomato situation lately at the market - now is the time for us to redeem ourselves. We will be having a tomato sale this week (I haven't exactly figured out what it is - but something that encourages you to buy a lot of tomatoes). We have a small harvest of green beans as well, for those who have been asking.

The peppers are on! The pepper fields are looking amazing, which is such a beautiful sight after last year's hail damaged specimens. We have green and purple bell peppers, gypsy and banana peppers, shishitos, padrons, serranos, jalapeños, and green chiles for roasting. We will have many, many more types coming, plus all the ones that will change color in the coming weeks. Cory will be roasting chiles at the farmers market both Saturday and Sunday, just follow the wonderful scent to find us.

We are getting excited for the Prescott Farmers Market annual Farm to Table Dinner this Sunday. We have been supplying the talented chefs all week with produce from the field plus preparing for some unique floral installations. I hope to have a great report on the event for you next week.

There is so much more I would like to update you on here - but there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. Thanks for hanging in there with me, whether I have a well crafted story to tell or just a few quick lines with poor proof reading. I always appreciate having the chance to share the inner working of the farm with a larger circle.

Adrienne and Sebastian picking dill heads for all the picklers out there

Remember the carrots we seeded last week, snuggled under
their burlap cover to stay cool and moist? Well, they popped up!

pepper field looking 100%

Occasionally you need a break from sorting tomatoes and washing
lettuce - this truck load of flowers was the perfect opportunity for Maria to switch it up.

I will never tire of dahlias - or taking lots of pictures of their perfect symmetry.

Sarah may get tired of picking the dahlias, but she never shows it.

Sarah's daughter Bella with her 5 year old birthday
crown (side benefits of working on a flower farm!)

The next round of potatoes - reds.

Monster onions coming your way (photo by Kristi).

Flower drying operations are taking over any available space we can find.

Parents week at the farm! Some of our crew members had parents
come in to visit and we put them right to work in typical Whipstone fashion.

Artichoke in flower

Flagstaff Market Crew

Kristi stocking the flowers at the market (Photo by Gibson).

At the market this week


spring salad mix
baby bok choy
collard greens
potatoes - Austrian crescent and reds
carrots (bunched and topped)
cucumbers - slicers, persians, and picklers
summer squash
tomatoes - SO. MANY. TOMATOES.
cherry tomatoes
onions - red and yellow
Peppers: shishito, padron, serrano, güeritos, green and purple bells, gypsy, banana.
garlic chives
edible flowers
dill heads


Mixed bouquets
mason jar bouquets

Other stuff
dried chiles
hot sauce


Tomato Vodka Soup
Roasted Tomato Soup
Steak salad with new potatoes and charred leeks
Heirloom tomato and herb salad

where and when to find us:

  • Self serve farm stand, at the farm, open every day, daylight hours
  • Prescott Farmers Market SUMMER - Yavapai College - 1100 E Sheldon St. Prescott, Saturdays 7:30- Noon through October
  • Flagstaff Community Market - City Hall Parking Lot - Aspen Ave., Sundays 8-Noon


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