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25 August 2018  
Gather 'round the headsets, folks. It’s time for podcast mystery.

Looking for a spell binder? A winding mystery with a surprise ending? We have combed through the clues and found a group of great podcasts to spend a rainy monsoon evening with.

Fireside Mystery Theatre: Live from the Slipper Room in the City of New York is host Ali Silva and her mystery drama show. The new productions that Fireside Theatre puts on, bring life to a genre that goes back to the golden age of radio. Now on summer hiatus it is the perfect time to catch up. Not to worry, however, they have left some gems for regular followers, including The Midnight Reading, a summer series with a variety of mystery stories, one by Winston Churchill. Starting up again in October there will be a monthly podcast. It doesn’t occur more often due to having to have actors and musicians come together just to put on a modern masterpiece. The website is undergoing work, but you can still check it out, past shows are available on iTunes and other platforms.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, audio Boom, and at firesidemysterytheatre.com

The Old Time Radio Mystery Theater: This is an archive and treasure trove that gets you originals from CBS and other classic shows. Actors can include such greats as Fred MacMurray and Jack Benny, to a host of others. Experience a professional cast, great scripts and thrilling suspense.

Available on iTunes, check out MysteryShows.com

Mystery Theatre: Put out by Old Time Radio and Radio Memories Network this is another eclectic collection of Old Radio plays and series. This Mystery Theatre has some different programs to make an aficionado take notice. Currently taking an adventure with Captain Bart Friday and sidekick Skip Turner across the south seas from French Indo-China, it's a great way to take a trip back to another time and place.

Available on iTunes

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Podcast: From the pens of the magazines authors, comes a wide collection of stories that will make Mystery fans sit up and take notice. Monthly readings and dramatizations of stories by the world's leading writers of suspense are chosen from the magazine's archives and introduced by editor Janet Hutchings. The full range of the genre is represented in these riveting audio renditions, from the drawing-room mystery to urban noir — including police procedurals, private-eye tales, psychological suspense, and locked-room and impossible-crime stories. This is your chance to open up the lock box and enjoy the show.

Available on iTunes and at elleryqueenmysterymagazine.com (the Crime Scene)

The Noir Factory: Steven Gomez puts together a podcast about mysteries, movies, the people who write them, and the charecters and criminals that inspire them. If you are a fan of fog and pulp fiction, this will be right up your dark alley. Also thrown into the suspense are gangsters, politicians, and even a dash of history. Tune in and get a hardboiled look at life. Coming out of Tracy, California this is worth a listen and a read.

Available on iTunes and at thenoirfactory.com



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