Possible HazMat Investigation

11 March 2019   Conrad Jackson, Prescott Fire Department
HazMat techs are called out to the scene of vandalism.

In an abundance of caution, deputies from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office requested that the Prescott Fire Department respond their on-duty hazardous materials technicians to investigate the scene of some vandalism of mailboxes which occurred along Country Park Drive.  Deputies were investigating multiple reports of damage in the neighborhood when they noted a series of mailboxes which had been covered in a white powder.  

While there was a high index of suspicion that the powder was flour, prudence suggested that appropriate precautions be taken, especially when considering the number of white powders available that could be harmful to the mailbox owners, from simple ant killer to lethal fentanyl.  Hazardous materials technicians made quick work of the issue, taking a sample of the powder and running it through one of their qualitative analytic devices.  As suspected, the material was confirmed to be flour.  One engine crew remained on scene briefly to clean the mailboxes while a second engine was released from the scene to respond to dispatches.  If anyone has information regarding the wide-spread vandalism which occurred in the Country Park neighborhood, they are asked to report it to authorities.

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