Local Physician/Musician Lights Up the Elk’s Theatre

18 May 2019  
Who knew that the doctor providing health care at Thumb Butte Medical Clinic to so many in Prescott was also an amazing pianist?

On Saturday in Prescott pianist and composer Dr. Kaveh Karandish brought his eclectic brand of Persian/Jazz/ fusion music to the Elk’s Theatre in Prescott. With an ensemble including Farzin Farhadi on Sax, Jason Wieldman on percussion and his brother Maz Karandish on various instruments, Dr Karendish played many of his own compositions including Desert Dance, which you can see in a professional recording here:

In addition to being an accomplished musician Dr Karendish is a board certified Internist working at the Thumb Butte Medical Center in Prescott. Last Saturday, he and his band presented a Mother’s Day concert benefitting cancer research. With a band of unexpectedly diversified instruments, the music was alternatively haunting, hypnotic and energetic, but it was always spellbinding.

Also on stage was international dance artist Sonia Ochoa. Originally, Ochoa was an award winning belly-dance star, but she also now takes a fusion approach including moves from flamenco and modern dance. Her efforts were very well received by the audience who were alternately mesmerized by her smooth pirouettes and roused by her flamenco stamps.

Maz Karandish was featured in much of the second half of the show, having recently returned from a tour in Japan. He has studied Sitar extensively and provided a “world music” slant. He also sings, in several languages.

An Iranian folk song, arranged by Dr. Karendish brought the concert to a rousing, finger snapping, clapping finish.

In all it was a most enjoyable evening, quite different from our usual fare, and all for a good cause.



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