Juvenile Community Restitution Program

03 July 2019   Shelly Bacon
Kids Helping Kids

Youth involved in Yavapai County Juvenile Court’s Community Restitution Program assist with various service projects around the City of Prescott, Town of Prescott Valley, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Sedona and other parts of our County. This summer they spread fresh mulch at our City of Prescott park playgrounds to ensure soft landings for little ones and a fresh, clean look for our park users.

Restitution is all about restoring damage in the community. Whether the young adults in the program were found to be in violation of laws related to truancy, shoplifting, substance use, vandalism or disorderly conduct, the effect on the community is repaid in many ways including financial reimbursement to victims. The weekend work crew is just another one of our court-ordered Community Restitution Programs available in Yavapai County Juvenile Courts. The crew operates three times per week for eight hour days, providing needed services at no charge to local government agencies and non-profits across Yavapai County.

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