Looking Back at the World's Oldest Rodeo

08 July 2019   Kristina Abbey
Prescott Frontier Days®, World’s Oldest Rodeo® closes the curtain on 2019.

As the Prescott Frontier Days®, World’s Oldest Rodeo® of 2019 draws to a close we can’t help but look back over the last week and remember the daring bull rides, the grace and speed of the barrel runs, and the tenacity of the bronco riders. Memories of the calf-tying events as well as many other of the pageantries will live in our memories. As the participants of this year’s rodeo move on to other rodeos in other states, we will relive those moments until next year.

The week of July 1 through July 7th saw eight performances of the rodeo competition as the 2019 rodeo circuit kicks off to travel around the country. Those who were lucky enough to attend the Prescott Frontier Days® Rodeo were treated to a variety of competition events as well as some entertainment courtesy of the special acts and the lively emcees, Justin Rumford and Randy Corley, who bantered back and forth while keeping the audience engaged between contestants. 

Attendees were able to see the strength of the cowboys as they wrestled with cattle or fought to stay on top of a bucking bronco. We were awed by the speed of the barrel racers who flew across the field. We were amazed by the ability of bull riders to hang on as long as they could knowing that given the chance, we’d never even have a shot of staying on top of the animal. 

The audience was treated to special guest, The One Armed Bandit, who rode his horse without using his hand to direct the horse and was still able to round up a couple horses and a zebra. We were wowed by the finesse shown by the Diamond Z driver with the majestic beauty of the Shire horses.  

In all, the events of the last week wowed many people, several shows were sold out and the audiences were electric. It was an amazing adventure for many who were experiencing the rodeo for the first time and wonderful excitement that kept repeat visitors coming back year-after-year. As the week’s shows wrap up, one thing is certainly clear, many residents of Arizona cannot wait until next year when the rodeo will return.

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