Supervisor Craig Brown, D4, Announces Bid for Re-Election

08 July 2019   Sandi Brown
Yavapai County Supervisor, Craig Brown, District 4, Announces His Bid For Re-Election  

Today, Supervisor Craig Brown, D4, released an announcement from his campaign.

"After a lot of thought, Supervisor Brown has decided to run for a third term. He states that with the coming changes to the Board, he believes continuity is imperative for the transition of a new Board.  In addition, he has been approached by many of his constituents asking him to run for re-election and feels both humbled and honored by this expression of confidence. 

"If re-elected, he will continue with his endeavors to do what is best for his constituents in District 4 and Yavapai County, working together to solve problems that cross county, town, city and area boundaries  Supervisor Brown says that although a lot has been done during the 6 ½ years he has served, there are many challenges still ahead.  

"He continues to stand by his Vision Statement from his original campaign: 'To maintain the rural atmosphere of District 4 while promoting reasonable and sustainable growth; and to give the people a representative who listens and cares for their safety and well-being.' Supervisor Brown believes he has done so and promises to faithfully represent the people of District 4 and Yavapai County into the future."



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