Opinion: Trump In California

03 November 2019  
What would it take for Trump to win California?

While traveling to, in and from Southern California to see family, friends and attend a funeral last week, a novel thought occurred to me. Trump could win California in 2020. One might think this is delusional and it might be, but prior to the 2016 election if anyone suggested that Trump would win the Republican nomination and then beat a much more experienced, much better financed career politician, that person was deemed crazy, delusional and/or a pipe dreamer. So much for happy delusions.

It would be extremely difficult, but it could be done. How could it be done? President Trump will have to do a lot of hard work of which he has shown himself more than capable. He must continue to display a strong physical and mental disposition. He must do what he did in the 2016 election and do what others say is impossible.

To win California, Trump must point out everything that is wrong with the once Golden State. He needs to remind the voters of California what his policies have done to the economy of our country. He should point to how his deregulation of much of the bureaucracy has increased production and the effect of this and his tax cuts was to bring back jobs and factories to the US.

The President needs to point to the hundred of thousands of homeless and their camps and point to the fact that the cause of this problem is policies of the Democrats. He needs to tell the people of California that while their legislature is enacting laws about plastic straws and wasting money on bullet trains to nowhere, the roads and other infrastructure throughout the state are falling apart. They need to be reminded that the Democrats voted to make California a “sanctuary state”, and the effect is illegal alien criminals, who should be turned over to ICE for deportation are being released on the streets to commit more crimes in California.

These voters need to be informed that their sanctuary state has caused an avalanche of illegal aliens moving to their state, without medical examinations which has caused an increase in diseases such as measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, polio and other maladies once nearly totally eliminated from their state and the rest of our country.

California voters need to be told that the numerous wild fires all over the state are not caused by global warming, but by radical environmentalists enacting laws and regulations that forbid the forestry service from managing the forests by cutting and collecting dead fall and brush and making firebreaks for utility lines and other areas that can reduce the spread of fire. State laws enacted by liberal Democrats mandates that the utility companies spend almost twice as much on renewable energy, wind and solar, as they do upgrading old and rundown equipment and power lines. This is the reason they turn off the electricity to millions of Californians.

To win California, President Trump needs to do two things: first, he must employ the tactic that boosted his numbers in 2016, that is Trump Rallies. He should conduct at least five of those rallies. He should go into the middle of his opposition's territory and hold rallies in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Then he should hold at least two rallies in the more rural areas of the state, like Bakersfield and Fresno. If he emphasized the points above, the crowds would go wild and many of the voters who have stayed away from the polls because they thought their votes wouldn't count, would be energized to vote this time.

Second, and probably most important, the government agencies that can investigate voter fraud, need to start major investigations into such questionable practices as “voter harvesting” and voting by dead, illegal and multiple votes cast in elections. The Democrats have established laws and policies that encourage fraud and one voter casting multiple ballots. Voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles is an open invitation to illegals and felons, who can't legitimately vote, to register and vote. Democrats always like to point out that there is no evidence of voter fraud, yet every time there is an effort to study or investigate the issue, they try to thwart it. Of course there is no evidence if there has never been a major investigation.

If President Trump makes a major effort with numerous rallies, and is able to suppress voter fraud, he might just win in that blue state. He might even be able to Make California Great Again.

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