Arizona COVID-19 Cases Rise by 16%

29 March 2020  
Arizona fatalities from coronavirus have also increased, but the increase in cases appears to be much slower than seen in other areas. 

Although the COVID-19 virus shows no sign of decreasing in Arizona at this point, it also isn’t ramping up as other areas such as New York. Is that because Arizonans are taking the threat seriously, staying home and avoiding risky behavior? Or is it just continuing to build and will eventually explode? Or, is the problem with the lack of testing, and we just don’t know yet how bad we have it? 

New York State (cumulative totals)

  • March 1, New York State announced its first positive case of COVID-19. 
  • March 5: 22 cases
  • March 7: 89 cases
  • March 10: 173
  • March 15: 729
  • March 20: 7102
  • March 25: 30,811
  • March 28: 52,318 - 2,000 have died. 

Arizona (cumulative totals)

  • January 26: 1
  • March 3: 2
  • March 6: 3
  • March 7: 5
  • March 9: 6
  • March 11: 9
  • March 16: 18
  • March 21: 106
  • March 25: 406
  • March 28: 779 13 have died. 

Obviously, New York State has a much larger population of 19,453,561. Arizona’s population is 7,278,717. New York State is about 2.7 times larger in population than Arizona. Yet, the per capita increase in the number of positive cases in Arizona  is nowhere close to that of New York State.

Arizona is only a couple of spikes away from a terrible situation. The state is certainly not home free, this isn't over. On March 25, Arizona State Health Director Dr. Cara Christ said that the expectation is that if the infections continue at the current pace, illnesses would peak in April and hospitalizations should peak around May. 

There will be more cases in Arizona and there will be more deaths. But, so far, those that live in Arizona have done a very good job of flattening the curve by following safe – some might even say “stringent” – measures. If Arizona can simply hang in there, and keep making smart choices, there is a chance of keeping this at a minimal level. 

There are other factors in Arizona’s favor such as warmer weather that will be here soon, and more space. Hang tight, Arizona! We’re all in this together!

Newest Information across Arizona

Coconino County

Gila County

In Gila County,  35 people have been tested -- of these  30 were ruled-out and negative for COVID-19.

The Gila County Public Health Department has confirmed the first positive case of COVID-19 in Gila County. The case is a Town of Payson resident, female, in her 40s. The case appears to be travel-related; no evidence of community spread at this time. Additionally, the threat to the community appears to be low as patient has predominantly self-isolated since the beginning of symptoms.

Maricopa County:

Mohave County: 

Between 3/10/20-3/15/20, individuals may have been exposed to COVID-19 at Mohave County Library-Kingman. Any individual who may have visited during this time period should self- monitor for COVID-19 compatible symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath) through 03/29/20.

Navajo Nation

Pima County

Yavapai County

There are 12 cases that we know about, 7 in the Quad-Cities area, 5 in the Verde Valley area, 7 seniors, 5 adult. 10 are male, 2 female.  All cases appear to be travel-related, no evidence of community spread at this time.

County Health Department List & Links

Apache County: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Cochise County: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Coconino County: Website  | Facebook  | Twitter  

Gila County Website | Facebook

Graham County Website | Facebook

Greenlee County Website

La Paz Website | Facebook

Maricopa County: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mohave County: Website |  Twitter | 

Navajo County and Navajo Nation

   Navajo County: Website
Total Cases: 57

   Navajo Nation: Website | Facebook
Total cases: 92

Pima County: Website

Pinal County Website

Santa Cruz County: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Yavapai County Website | Facebook | Twitter

Yuma County Website | Facebook | Twitter

Other Website Resources

Arizona Department of Health Services: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

CDC: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Arizona Together: Arizona Together

Apple.com https://www.apple.com/covid19
There is also an app you can download.

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