Drew Sings Michael Jackson on The X Factor USA

01 December 2011  
Drew sings a Michael Jackson song - will America like it?


Update 7:40 pm: Drew sings the Michael Jackson iconic hit, "Billy Jean" - as only Drew can sing it. Even LA Reid said, "It pains me to admit it, but... I liked it!"

Nichole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul both expressed their desire to see Drew get off her chair, but they admired Drew's passion and "grit".

So, it's time to cast those votes and move Drew to the next level:


Here's how to vote and make it count:


Follow @theXFactorUSA on Twitter. Then, to vote, you'll use a Direct Message.

Note, tweets won't work, you must use the Direct Message, or else it won't count.

Go to this website: http://twitter.thexfactorusa.com/ for more information.


Here's the link to the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TheXFactorUSA


...at TheXFactorUSA.com/vote

Use your Facebook account to vote on TheXFactorUSA website.


Are you a Verizon Wireless customer? Use a text message to vote.

Just text the word "VOTE" to the four-digit short code for the Drew, which you'll see after her performance.

Drew's short code: 9303, text Vote


The X Factor sets up special toll-free phone lines for you to call in your vote.

1-855-843-9303 is the direct number for Drew.

This week at The X Factor USA is Michael Jackson week - and all the contestants are performing songs related to the deceased pop artist.

Contestant Drew Ryniewicz, who points to Jackson as one of her favorite artists, wrote on her Facebook page, "Big day!!!!!!! I'm excited to show you guys my song tonight. It's very focused on vocals, so I can show what I got;)."

In the meantime, folks in Chino Valley are backing their girl all the way. Businesses all along SR 69 have signs cheering her on, and the town has even put a huge banner across the highway overhead.

Besides cheering Drew on, her hometown is urging that everyone vote for her. It's double elimination again, so fan votes are extremely critical.

Drew's fan base is pretty strong, with over 81,000 Twitter followers (second only to Astro) and close to 24,000 Facebook friends. But will it be enough? And what kind of song will Drew sing?

Tonight's the night. As soon as the show is over, we'll give the information on how to vote!

Check back soon...!

Lynne LaMaster