A Message and a Memorial

13 August 2010  
Sheriff Steve Waugh thanks the community for their support during this difficult time. Also, included is information about the memorial service for the officers.

memory_deceasedofficersSheriff Steve Waugh today wanted to share with the citizens of Yavapai County his appreciation for their e-mails, flowers, and prayers for the fallen officers and their families. The out pouring of sympathy to the YCSO family and the families of the officers lost, has been overwhelming. In times like these, it shows the spirit of the communities we serve and makes us proud to live and work here. The Sheriff also wanted to ask all who have been praying for the officers families to also pray for Mr. Bass (the driver of the other vehicle) and his family. Mr. Bass is still in critical condition and will need the support of family and friends during his recovery. The Sheriff also stated that he and the employees of the Sheriff’s Office have been blessed by all who have supported us during these difficult times.

Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh, on behalf of the families of YCSO officers killed in a traffic accident on Saturday, would like to announce a memorial service honoring our heroes, Brian Callaghan, John Schultz and Jose Presas.

This special service will take place on Sunday, August 15, 2010, at:

Yavapai College Performance Hall
1100 East Sheldon Street
Prescott, Arizona

The service will begin at 11 AM.

For those interested in providing a monetary donation to the families of these fallen officers, please contact any Wells Fargo Bank in Arizona and mention the (YCSO) Yavapai County Sheriff’s, Fallen Officers Fund. Monies collected will be disbursed equally to each officer’s family.

Lynne LaMaster