Diane Douglas Says to RWOP: Stop Common Core!

20 June 2014  
"Stop Common Core" is Diane Douglas' campaign slogan. 

Douglas is a candidate for Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is running against incumbent John Huppenthal. 

Douglas is laser-focused on getting rid of Common Core in Arizona. She writes on her website, that she wants to "...stop the Common Core Standards in Arizona and return control over your children’s education to you through your locally elected school boards."
She states clearly, "Common Core is to education what ObamaCare is to healthcare – top down, one size fits all federal government control."

On June 12, Douglas spoke to the Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP), where she found a largely receptive audience for her message. Superintendent Huppenthal had also been scheduled to attend, but he canceled citing another commitment. Having the RWOP constituents to herself, Douglas was able to articulate and clarify her concerns and perspective on Common Core, taking her time to explain the issue from her perspective.

Watch her conversation with Dr. Billie Orr here: 


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Lynne LaMaster