Bill's Daily Newscast: Historic JMA between Fire Districts

21 June 2014   Lynne LaMaster
Chino Valley and Central Yavapai Fire Districts agree to a joint management.

The Yarnell Water Improvement Association has received a generous donation to help with system repairs.  Yavapai County Supervisor Rowle Simmons says presentation of a 90 thousand dollar check took place yesterday afternoon. The water system was damaged during the Yarnell Hill Fire last June 30th.  Simmons explains where the money comes from for much needed repairs. The system supplies water to 650 Yarnell residents.  Repairs have been ongoing.   

It’s official, the Central Yavapai and Chino Valley Fire Districts will be sharing resources.  After months of discussions, last night Board members in both districts approved a Joint Management Agreement.  This means Chino Valley Fire Chief Scott Freitag will serve as Chief of both districts.  Freitag says there’s another benefit when it comes to Human Resources. Interim Central Yavapai Fire Chief Scott Bliss explains residents in both districts aren’t expected to see any changes in their service. Bliss describes the next steps in this process. Freitag explains how transportation will be handled under the new agreement. The Central Yavapai Board vote was 3 to nothing, with member Tom Steele absent.  Member Debbie Horton resigned from the Board earlier this month.