Catch 22, Day #22: Domingo Valdez-Anguiano

22 June 2014   Steve Skurja
... is wanted for first degree murder and auto theft.

REWARD: $500

Cottonwood police say that Domingo Valdez-Anguiano is wanted for first degree murder and auto theft. The murder occurred on June 28, 2004 in Cottonwood. His last known address was in Cottonwood, however police say that he is now likely back in Mexico.

Domingo Valdez-Anguiano

Hispanic male

Approximately 55-year-old

5 ft 10 inches tall, 190 pounds

He does handyman work and landscaping for a living

He was last seen driving a 1994 black Ford Ranger

He has ties in California and Mexico

Warrant issued 11/8/04

If you have information that leads to the arrest of #22 of "CATCH 22" you could earn a $500.00 cash reward. To earn the reward you must call Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232 with your information within 90 days of this broadcast. Remember, you never have to give your name.

Yavapai Silent Witness: Website | 1-800-932-3232

About Catch 22

"Catch 22" began back in May 1997. Silent Witness was looking for a better way to involve the community in criminal apprehension and decided to start a program whereas they would pick 22 high profile felons with warrants from throughout Yavapai County. The media would advertise one of the 22 criminals each day until all 22 had been featured. Plus, each of the felons are worth at least a $500.00 reward if the caller's information leads to their arrest after calling 800-932-3232.

To date, law enforcement has arrested 71 "Catch 22" felons due to calls from the public. The successful callers have shared $35, 500.00 in cash rewards.

Callers never have to give their names but they must call Yavapai Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232 in order to be eligible for the cash reward. For more information and to see photos of the felons the public is invited to go to the Silent Witness web site at www.yavapaisw.com