Will There Be a Constitutional Convention? Kelly Townsend Represents AZ

09 December 2014   Christopher Leone
Kelly Townsend Represents Arizona At Assembly Of State Legislatures


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (Dec. 08, 2014) –  State Representative Kelly Townsend was chosen to represent Arizona at The Assembly of State Legislatures in Washington D.C. December 8 and 9. 

“I am honored to represent Arizona at the Assembly,” said Rep. Townsend. “I encourage everyone to research and study Article V of the US Constitution, and how an Article V

Convention of States could effect changes to the way our federal government operates.”

The Assembly of State Legislatures is expected to focus on Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which allows states to call for a Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments under certain circumstances; 34 states must agree to hold a Convention of States in order to propose amendments to the US Constitution.

More than 75 state legislators representing 29 states are meeting in Washington D.C. December 8 and 9 to establish the rules and procedures needed for a future state-led convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as authorized by Article V of the Constitution. 

The Assembly of State Legislatures meeting is a continuation of efforts that began in December 2013 at George Washington’s historic Mount Vernon estate in Virginia, which Rep. Townsend also attended. 

Rep. Townsend is the chair of the Federalism and States’ Rights Committee for the Arizona House of Representatives.

Editor's Note: The image is from Townsend's Facebook page, with the following caption, "An honor to represent Arizona at the Assembly of State Legislatures to discuss the rules for an Article Virginia Convention."