Chino Valley Police Officers Save Alleged Arsonists' Life

22 December 2014   Lt. Vince Schaan
Chino Valley Officers Save Arsonist Life 

Chino Valley Police Department received a 911 hang up on December 18, 2014 at approx.. 7:41 pm. The call was tracked back to a resident in the 1900 block of Susan St. The original call did not provide information as to the emergency. 

When Officers arrived at the residence they could see smoke coming from the residence. The Officers requested Chino Valley Fire Department respond to the scene. After attempting to gain access inside the residence the officers located a side door partially open. The inside of the residence was full of smoke making it difficult to see. The officers observed a female lying on the floor. The officers called out to the female but she was unresponsive. 

The three Officers entered the smoke filled residence without regard to their own safety. They made their way across the floor fighting the smoke and lack of oxygen to reach the female and pull her to safety. The female, Lisa Peters, became combative, kicking, screaming and punching at the officers as they attempted to help her. The Officers physically restrained her and removed her to safety. 

The responding officers knew that Ms. Peters also had a male subject living at the residence. As they got Ms. Peters to safety they tried to trek further into the residence to the back bedrooms to locate him. The smoke and lack of oxygen became too much and the officers were forced to exit the residence for their own safety. Once outside they learned the male subject was not home at the time. 

Investigators were called to the scene. A search of the residence was conducted and evidence collected. 

Based on the information and evidence Chino Valley Police arrested 48 year old Chino Valley resident, Lisa Peters, for arson, criminal damage and endangerment. She was booked into YCSO jail after she was treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation. 

The Chino Valley Police would like to thank the Chino Valley and Central Yavapai Fire Departments for their assistance in this ongoing investigation.