Investigation Continues Into Death of Officer Tyler Stewart

29 December 2014   Sgt.Margaret Bentzen
Robert Smith fired at Officer Stewart from a range of approximately two feet.

Flagstaff Police Department (12-28-2014).  The Flagstaff Police Department is continuing its investigation in the shooting death of Officer Tyler J. Stewart by deceased suspect Robert William Smith. 

Officer Tyler Stewart had contacted the suspect’s girlfriend at approximately 1100 hrs. in the 900 block of Litzler.  According to the suspect’s girlfriend, Smith had engaged in an argument with her and left the area.  Officer Stewart had been contacted by the suspect and met him at an apartment complex in the 800 block of Clay where he had been staying.  The suspect and Officer   Tyler engaged in a conversation regarding the earlier events, and at no time did the conversation become confrontational.  Officer Tyler had been asking Smith about what had happened, when Officer Tyler asked to “pat” the suspect down for any type of weapons.  The suspect at a range of approximately two feet reached for a gun he had in his pocket and began firing at Officer Stewart. 

Preliminary investigations have indicated that Officer Tyler Stewart did not have time to return fire, as the onslaught of rounds from the suspect were immediate and rapidly erupting.  After Officer Stewart had sustained wounds and was down, the suspect continued to fire rapidly at Officer Stewart.  The suspect then walked away from the immediate area and died of a self- inflicted gun shot.

The only contact the Flagstaff Police have had with suspect Robert Smith was in 2009 involving an arrest involving domestic violence. 

Funeral services for Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart have not been made at this time, and further details regarding the investigation and memorial services will be forthcoming.