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K9 Alert Reveals 90 lbs. Marijuana in Trunk

29 December 2014  
Newest K9 sniffs out 90 pounds of Marijuana         

 One of YCSO’s newest K9s showed her training has paid off with an alert leading to 90 pounds of marijuana inside a vehicle and a Missouri man in-custody. 

 On December 22, 2014, around 1030 AM, a K9 deputy stopped a 2014 gray Chrysler 300 sedan with Missouri plates for a traffic violation travelling east on I40 near Ashfork. The driver and vehicle’s only occupant was identified as 42-year-old Nate Shaffer. During a conversation about the traffic violation, the deputy developed information indicating the likelihood contraband was contained in Shaffer’s vehicle. Although Shaffer initially gave permission to the deputy allowing a vehicle search, he withdrew consent when the deputy asked to see inside the trunk. 

An assisting K9 deputy arrived and deployed his new partner for a ‘sniff’ search of Shaffer’s vehicle. The K9 displayed several alert signals on the trunk of the vehicle indicating the presence of a drug odor. Based on the alert, deputies opened the trunk lid and found a large duffel bag containing several prepackaged marijuana bricks with a total weight of nearly 90 pounds. 

After the discovery, Shaffer admitted knowledge of the load and explained he had been offered several thousand dollars to transport the marijuana from Northern California to Texas. Shaffer was arrested and booked on charges including Possession of Marijuana for Sale and Transportation of Marijuana for Sale. He remains in-custody on a $25,000 bond. 

The estimated wholesale value of this load exceeds $50,000.