AZ Supt. Diane Douglas Looks Forward to Improving the State's Education System

07 January 2015   Sally Stewart
Arizona’s New Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas Looks Forward to Improving the State’s Education System

(Phoenix, Ariz. January 5, 2015) – Arizona’s new Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas was officially sworn into office Monday and has started her four-year term serving Arizona’s students, parents, teachers, and school administrators.

“Today I am excited to begin working toward developing a world-class education system for Arizona,” said Superintendent Douglas. “It is my mission to make necessary improvements so that every student receives the highest quality education and has the opportunity to excel in their future endeavors.

I look forward to working with Arizona parents, teachers, and school administrators, along with Arizona’s legislative and executive branches to fully support Arizona students.”

One of the Superintendent’s priorities as she enters office is to establish a process that allows local voices to be heard as important educational decisions are made, including the review of statewide standards. “It is paramount that Arizona not only has the highest standards possible, but that its standards belong to Arizona and are continually improved to best represent both student and local community needs,” said Superintendent Douglas.

As Superintendent, Douglas intends to be fully active and present in the education community. Her plans include travelling around the state visiting schools, meeting with teachers and education leaders, and creating and supporting statewide partnerships and collaborations.

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