Happy Mother's Day!

10 May 2015  
Today is a day to celebrate Moms.
Thanks to all the Moms out there that share unconditional love and wisdom.

Moms can be your fiercest defender, and sometimes your sternest critic. (h/t to Baltimore mother, Toya Graham.)

They’ll stay up all night when you’re sick, having troubles in school or with friends. Believe me, more tears and prayers have been spent on children in this country than will ever be known.

They want to be part of their kids lives forever, but they know they need to set their youngsters free - sometimes to make mistakes and misguided decisions. But, no worries, they’ll be there when you need a helping hand, a bit of advice (after all, they love giving advice!) or even just a listening ear.

Moms may say, “I told you so” but inside they’re mourning that you had to learn the hard way. Ok, maybe they’re remembering personal discoveries as a young adult and chuckling a little at their own tally of wayward choices.

They want the very, very best for their children. Moms want to be indulgent and extravagant and to give their children everything they themselves never had. Sometimes they can’t afford to. Yet, even when they have the financial abilities, Moms know that giving everything freely will not produce a fine, upstanding citizen. So they sometimes say no, even if they want to say yes.

Until they’re grandmothers. Then, all bets are off.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Lynne LaMaster