Mortimer Farms: An Enchanted Place to Be

23 August 2015  
Remember when you used to visit the farm? You could ride on the tractor, feed and cuddle the animals, ride the pony and eat the food straight from the garden. Now you and your family can experience that again. 

One of the wonderful things about Mortimer’s Family Farms is that there is so much to do and enjoy. 

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Mortimer Family Farms was hosting a benefit dinner for the Yavapai Food Bank, with a $4 meal fit for a king - or at least enough to satisfy a few hundred hungry paupers. Now, they’re at it again, with a Sweet Corn Fest, complete with fun activities for the kiddies, various vendors, and delicious farm-fresh corn-on-the-cob to eat now or purchase and take home. 

According to Cecelia Jernegan, who handles sales and marketing for Mortimer’s Family Farms, almost 700 pounds of donated food was collected, plus close to $100.00 in cash was raised for the Yavapai Food Bank on Saturday, August 1st.  An estimated 450 farm friends joined in the delicious meal, complete with two sandwiches (one beef, one chicken, or two of either kind), farm fresh veggies, and two desserts (the carrot cake was amazing.) They are calling it the first annual Mortimer Farms “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” barbecue dinner.   Jernegan is already thinking of the 2nd Annual event, stating, “We are confident next year the event will be even bigger.” 

The Yavapai Food Bank helps real people and meets urgent needs, as explained by Laura*. “I’ve been receiving help from Yavapai Food Bank for about five years,” Laura said. “But, when my husband and I split up, that’s when they really came into play. We’ve been homeless, my daughter and I, for about three months until we were able to find a place to live. The Yavapai Food Bank was able to help us and help the families we were staying with. So, for me, it’s rewarding to come out and see this event, because Yavapai Food Bank has been such a huge factor in our survival.”

“When I saw the flier, and that it was for Yavapai Food Bank, I was so there,” Laura said. “You can’t go to McDonald’s for $4 for what we ate. It was beyond delicious, wow.”

Fast forward to this weekend: It’s Mortimer’s Family Farms Sweet Corn Fest. 

It’s more than just a Corn Fest, better to think of it as a mini-carnival for the kids. There are pony rides, and jumpy-things, animals to pet, food to munch, and of course, corn to purchase (or eat right now!) All this accompanied by live entertainment such as the Generation Youth Band. If you’ve not heard them, they are terrific. 






Be sure your kiddos wear clothes that can get a bit damp if they’re going to go down the big, mega-sized slide. They may get sprayed with water a little on the way down!

Trading Faces AZ is there for face painting, as these lovely ladies demonstrate. 

Since it’s a Corn Fest, it’s no surprise that you can eat corn on the cob right now. There are plenty of other things to eat, too!


The Farm Store has a wide variety of canned items (beans, peaches, much more); fresh-picked produce, farm-fresh meats, and a bakery. Most people know about Mortimer's locally famous pies and cinnamon rolls, but did you know they also have fudge? I used to think I had to go to Jerome for the fudge, but no longer. It’s right here!

In keeping with the current theme, they even have White Sweet Corn Fudge, with caramel and without. I tried the one with caramel, and it was fabulous. Sweet and creamy, you probably wouldn’t know that corn was part of the ingredients if they didn’t tell you. Highly recommended.



If You Go:

What: Sweet Corn Festival

Where: Mortimer’s Family Farms

12907 E. State Route 169

Dewey, Az

When: August 23, 29, 30

Time: 9 AM-6 PM

Cost: $10 admissions for all activities


Bonus hint: For those thinking ahead, you can go online to their website to order your holiday turkeys or pies & cinnamon rolls


*Not her real name. Her name was changed to protect her identity due to current circumstances. 

Lynne LaMaster