Mayor’s Report on Fair Treatment

23 September 2015   Mayor Chris Marley
"I believe that one of the basic tenets of an effective government is that of fair and equal treatment.”

Our impression of life in a small town can vary from charming to frustrating, with many of those feelings influenced by how we perceive we are being treated by our local government. As pointed out in previous Mayor’s reports, there are some of our citizens who would like the entire town to be one large Homeowner’s Association, and there are others who would be happy with no rules at all. Fortunately, most of our residents are somewhere in between. Writing fair and equitable ordinances that ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens while still allowing free enterprise to flourish can be quite a challenge. Even more difficult is ensuring that those same ordinances are applied uniformly across the entire town. For example: several months ago, a long-time resident of Chino Valley was lamenting to me about how in the early days of the Town it was much easier to do business. Apparently during that period of the Town’s history, this particular resident could build anything on his place he wanted to and the Town would sign off on it. Unfortunately, this was troubling to me, since not everyone who dealt with the Town’s government in those early days had the same fond memories. A friend of mine who owned a business out here during that time period eventually closed his business and left because of that same government. Apparently not everyone in Chino Valley had enjoyed the same privileged status.

I believe that one of the basic tenets of an effective government is that of fair and equal treatment. Whether you have five dollars in your pocket or five million, whether you have lived here six months or sixty years- you should have the same opportunities and face the same challenges as everyone else in the Town. Hopefully we can continue to strive toward that goal. Our town government is still far from perfect, but I believe we have made quite a bit of progress and we hope to make a lot more. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Chris Marley, Mayor of Chino Valley