Department of Agriculture Seizes 84 Starving Phoenix Shee

25 November 2015   Laura Oxley, Arizona Dept. of Agriculture
84 starving sheep seized by the Department of Agriculture in Phoenix will have a hearing before the Justice of the Peace on Wednesday

A woman who was found to have 84 starving sheep has to explain why they weren’t being properly cared for to a Justice of the Peace. At the same time, the Department of Agriculture will explain why they removed the sheep from her care.

“We respect people’s ownership of livestock until there is strong evidence of abuse or neglect,” said Mark Killian, director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture. “We regularly work with animal owners to help them keep their livestock, but in this situation we had to remove the sheep to save them.”

At Wednesday’s hearing the Justice will decide if the sheep will be returned to the owner. If the Justice leaves the sheep with the Department, they will be auctioned as by law within the next two weeks.

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