2016: Finding New Opportunities (Instead of Resolutions)

01 January 2016  
 Find Opportunities instead of giving up on Resolutions. 

As midnight strikes, a new year begins. Many people use this as a time to start fresh, to make resolutions and to change their lives. After all, the top resolution is to lose weight. Also, in the top five is exercise and healthier eating. Of course, the truth is, these resolutions don’t always work out so well - one in three will ditch their vows by the end of January. And 73% will give up before meeting their goal, according to Details.com

This is going to be an important year - although, isn’t every year important? As Americans, we’ll elect a new President, face new challenges, overcome unexpected tragedies, celebrate sweet victories. 

Let’s take a different approach to the New Year. Let’s find opportunities to immerse ourselves in our neighborhoods and communities. Here are some suggestions. If you do each of these at least once this year, your life will be far richer than when you started:

Get Involved

Go to at least one political forum or debate

Go to one City Council or County Board of Supervisor meetings

It’s an election year: Know who/why you are voting for someone/something

Maybe consider running for office



Be Engaged

Volunteer for a political campaign for either candidates or causes

Volunteer at a school

Volunteer for a local charity

Pick a local cause and educate yourself about it

Start a list of questions

Meet with someone new at least once per month 

 National Adoption Day celebration requires extra hands to make it special. And throughout the year, CASA volunteers help the children.


...One of the many downtown events

A local play

At least one film at the Prescott Film Festival

A parade 

The Rodeo


Unlike a regular movie theater, the Prescott Film Festival allows movie-goers to hear from the filmmakers live and up close.

In 2015, StageToo presented a powerful performance of Never the Sinner.  

The World's Oldest Rodeo is one of Prescott's signature events.  

Contribute Locally

Eat at a local restaurant (rather than a chain)

Shop at a local merchant

Donate to a local cause

 Watters is one of the premier garden centers in the entire United States, and it's right here in Prescott, Arizona.


Communicate & Share

Join a local Facebook group

Tell five friends about favorite local establishments

Take out-of-town visitors to a local event

Write a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (can be about good things!) 

El Gato Azul has been recognized as one of the top restaurants in Arizona. 


Be active

Hike at least one local trail

Go to at least one local recreation area such as a lake 

Walk the Square a couple of times, and try to memorize the businesses you see around the perimeter

Take a day trip to a nearby community or attraction such as Jerome, or the Grand Canyon Railway 

Several trails wind through the breathtaking Granite Dells. 


Know your Community

Drive down a different street once a month

Explore a different area of town

Find a new park to visit

Make it your mission to discover what local plants, birds, wildlife are found here  

Learn what our community has to offer

Tour each college campus at least once

Visit your community Chamber of Commerce

Check out the closest library

Visit each of the local museums at least once per year 

 The Phippen is joined by Sharlot Hall and the Smoki Museum in Prescott. 

Be Informed

Sign up for local eNewsletters from non-profits, political candidates, cities and towns

Meet and ask questions of your local mayor, council members, supervisor, school superintendent 

Find out when your state and federal representatives are in town and go listen

Of course, read Prescott eNews!

Prescott is at the heart of politics in Arizona. Candidates and Representatives come frequently to the community.  

Plan to Remember the Year

Keep a diary

Take photos

Start a “Remembrance Jar



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