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18 April 2016   ENewsAZ
Specialized Publishing Has Launched!

Prescott, AZ., April, 2016 - After launching the ENewsAZ flagship PrescotteNews.com in 2006, Lynne LaMaster, Editor of PrescotteNews.com and the ENewsAZ websites including PrescottValleyENews.com, ChinoValleyENews.com and ENewsAZ.com, has merged her multimedia organization with Inventist Media, Inc., a well established advertising and marketing agency, to form Specialized Publishing, LLC.

Inventist Media was founded in 2008 by Guy Roginson. "When I watched Facebook launch in 2006, I immediately realized it was a game changer and starting using the social platform in conjunction with tools like Constant Contact to reach the customers of the service company I was operating at the time. In 2009, I launched an online volunteer effort called FlyPrescott in order to meet other pilots at the airport and promote the assets of Prescott aviation. That effort created an opportunity to work with the best helicopter flight school in the U.S., Guidance Aviation, based at the Prescott Municipal Airport. As a result of our work with Guidance, Inventist Media developed into a full service marketing and advertising agency, with clients throughout the US," says Roginson.

As Inventist Media's client base grew, Roginson began bringing more and more advertisers to PrescotteNews.com. "Lynne was always responsive to my needs and consistently provided a great value and advertising platform for our clients. When she asked if I'd like to help her bring in more advertisers because she was too busy covering the news for the community, I took a look at her metrics and the number of site visitors on PrescotteNews.com and I was astonished. She had built an amazing readership base and platform. I knew with a litle work and reformatting, we could do amazing things together," continued Roginson.

In 2015, LaMaster and Roginson began working together to reformat the existing sites for Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley. During that time, they also began to slowly develop a partnership agreement. "It was a natural transition for the ENewsAZ sites," says LaMaster. "It makes complete sense to offer both banner advertising AND online marketing consulting services. Guy drives both the advertising sales and marketing-advertising consulting services and I still do what I love to do which is bringing the local news to our communities. Better yet, we now have more people to help with publishing the news and a solid infrastructure to support our growth. We plan on expanding our coverage of our local communities while continuously improving our websites. This merger provides a one-stop-shop for Arizona businesses for all their advertising and marketing needs. We are now beginning to plan the updates for our state site as we continue to bring on both local advertisers in the Prescott - Prescott Valley - Chino Valley region. What's really exciting is the statewide clients we are acquiring like the Motor Vehicle Providers Association of Arizona. They are currently one of our marketing-advertising consulting clients and I anticipate we will be adding them as a banner advertiser for our state site shortly," says LaMaster.

About Specialized Publishing

Specialized Publishing provides comprehensive advertising and marketing services including on-site banner advertising on the organization's four multimedia news sites in addition to marketing & advertising consulting services. These consulting services include:

  • Website development
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing & Production
  • Google services (PPC, ADWords, Remarketing, Geotargeting)
  • YouTube (video marketing)
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Graphic design
  • Strategy consulting


Web: http://www.specializedpublishing.com

Lynne LaMaster, Co-Publisher, Editor

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Guy Roginson, Co-Publisher, Dir. Advertising, Marketing

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Kristina Lawrence, VP, Operations, Dir. Social Media

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